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My Kennel

Since my childhood animals has been my strong passion, I am a DVM ( Doctor in Veterinary Medicine) and I work in my family farm ("Gli Acquisti"), where I deal mainly with our dairy cows, Holstein Friesian.  (Prefix CAFAGGIO )

My family  has always owned dogs, hunting breeds (Pointer, English Springer Spaniel, Spinone, kurzhaar)  and pastoral breed (Maremma )

In 1970 I caught the " Norwich Terrier Bug" , mainly because of my friend Beppe Benelli and his beautifull dogs from the Thrumpton and Whinlatter kennels

In February 1977 I bought  a female puppy throught Mrs. Cullis, bred by Mrs.Harbone , Muskoka Cornucopia   (Culswood Bargrange penny Wise x Jericho Gay Beauty).
he had a wonderful, happy and sweet character,  beautifull strong  and hard coat . Some  teeth issues.

I had my first litter of Norwich Terrier in 1979 and I registered my kennel name "degli Acquisti" in 1980
        "Norwich Terrier are like potato chips, you can't have just one"
therefore I had three more females (Oliva's choice from Sweden, Serilde Malamoreno and Zaira degli Acquisti ) out of whom I had some puppies, but did not compete to dog shows.

With the arrival of Cobby's Holly Berry in 2003, I began to show again  and breed some puppies.

I breed with the purpose of improving type, temperament and health, using the best male available , National and international stallions.

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